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Baby Translator by Zoundream

If you have landed in this page you’re probably curious to know how the Zoundream testing phase works. If you decide to participate and you are selected for the testing phase, you will receive our prototype solution for families: BabyT.

What is BabyT?

BabyT is an IOT easy-to-use device with the aim of helping you better understand your baby’s needs.

It needs a fixed internet network for communicating with the Zoundream Connect APP, available for Android or iOS. Through the APP on your smartphone, in addition to receiving information and statistics about your baby’s cries, you can give your opinion on any translation suggested by the device.

What you will receive, if you decide to participate to our testing phase, is a PROTOTYPE in development that you will help us to improve. Therefore,  it is NOT a finished product at the moment.

Requirements for partecipating in the test phase

If you are selected for the testing phase, there will be no cost to you (never ever!), but there are some requirements that we need you to meet:

  • Will to connect and use our device 🙂
  • Have WiFi with internet at home (standard 2.4Ghz -not 5G or Wifi6- and not occasional connection with phone hotspot).
  • Provide feedbacks via the APP (the more you provide, the more you will help us improving the technology 😉
  • Complete 3 short surveys online:
    1st survey (4-5 minutes long) about your baby’s habits, when your baby will be about 1 month old.
    2nd survey (2-3 minutes long) about your baby’s habits, when your baby will be about 2 months old.
    3rd and last survey (8-10 minutes long) at the end of the test, as final evaluation on your expirience with the device.

Practical steps of the test phase:

So, if you fit in with this and you like the idea of participating, below the steps of our testing phase:

1. Signing of the Terms and Conditions document. (Terms and Conditions)

You will be contacted by e-mail within a few days after your registration: if you have been selected, you will be asked to confirm your desire to receive the terms and conditions document. Your signature is essential to go ahead and receive the BabyT and it will confirm officially your participation. You will receive the document directly by email from ever-sign by Roberto Iannone (our CEO) and you will be able to sign it directly via PC / tablet / phone.

2. Shipping of the device

Once the document is signed, we will contact you back to confirm the details of the BabyT shipment. Usually, we try to ship it about 2/3 weeks before the expected date of birth.

We ship via MRW in Spain and UPS abroad.

3. Configuring and using the device

You are about to have a baby and we know your time is precious: configuring BabyT gets only a few minutes and you can follow the instructions provided in the leaflet and/or in the explanatory video. You can contact us at any time by WhatsApp if you need help with the configuration or if something goes wrong with the BabyT.

Apart from this, there is not much else to do on your part than to use the device and, when you have time, give us feedback on the translations through the App. As said, the more feedback you provide, the more you will help us improve the technology 😉

4. Completing the online surveys

We will send you via WhatsApp 3 surveys (in 3 different moments), that are both useful for our research on the interpretation of crying and for knowing your experience as a parent and as a BabyT user:

  1. After about 1 month from the birth date: a few questions about your baby’s habits
  2. After 2 months: a little update on the growth of your little one
  3. At the end of the test (after 3/4/5 months, depending on how long you’ll decide to use it): the final survey of evaluation for sharing your experience with the device.

5. Collecting the the device

You can finish the test at any time, although in general, as you’ll experience yourself, the effectiveness of the device decrease the more the baby age reaches the 6th month: this can be considered the theoretical limit of usage.

Save the shipping box to reuse it and we will send you the delivery person to collect it.
Important: It is mandatory to return the BabyT and you cannot “loan” it to someone else!


For any further doubts, you can also refer to the FAQ page – frequently asked questions.