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BabyT, the baby translator

If you have landed in this page you’re probably curious to know how the Zoundream testing phase works. If you are selected and decide to partecipate, you will receive our testing solution for families: BabyT.

What is BabyT?

BabyT is an IoT device developed by Zoundream with the mission of helping parents understand their baby’s needs..

It uses internet to communicate with the cloud, in order to provide insights about the baby’s crying.

The device is easy to use, non-invasive and designed to work at a safe distance from the baby.

As a participant in the testing phase, there is no cost to you, all costs are assumed by Zoundream.

By participating in this testing phase, you will be helping to improve a device that will ultimately benefit parents all around the world.

Practical steps for the onboarding

So, let’s say you’ve been lucky and you’ve recevied our e-mail: you’ve been selected for the testing! Nice! But now what!?

Below the practical steps you’ll run through (don’t worry .. you’ll be reminded of the steps during the testing itself):

1. Confirm participation and provide contact information

2. Sign electronically Terms and Conditions & Informed Consent documents

3. Receive the device via shipping

Once you’ve been selected to participate in the testing phase, you will receive an email from Zoundream. In order to proceed with the onboarding process, you need to reply to the email, confirming your participation and providing your contact information for shipping and communication.

Next, you will receive an email with electronic documents (Terms and Conditions & Informed Consent) that must be read and signed to ensure the proper usage of the device and protect your personal data according to current laws of data protection and privacy.

After you’ve signed the documents, Zoundream will contact you to confirm the details of the device shipment. Usually, we try to ship it about 2/3 weeks before the expected date of birth.

The real testing

Wow! You’ve really received the Baby Translator … it’s not fiction anymore. You have it in your hand: what to do?

4. Configure the device
Configuring the device will be very quick and easy by following the instructions provided. We will provide help with if needed.

5. Use the device
Use the device by placing it 1-1.5 meters away from the baby and keeping it charged.

6. Share your experience
Share your experience by filling out some surveys we will send you. Your opinion is very important for the success of the test.

If you want you can also share any opinion that comes to your mind during the testing, just sending us a message.

Collecting back the device

You can finish the test at any time, although in general, as you’ll experience yourself, the effectiveness of the device decrease the more the baby age reaches the 6th month: this can be considered the theoretical limit of usage.

If you stop using the device, contact us to organize the collection.

Save the shipping box to reuse it and we will send you the delivery person to collect it.
Important: It is mandatory to return the BabyT and you cannot “loan” it to someone else!

Frequently Asked Questions

How far should the device be from my baby, in order to work?

The device does NOT need to be very close to the baby: it just needs to “hear” the sound clearly. We recommend a distance of 1.0 – 1.5 meters from the baby. If the environment is quite silent, could be even further than that.

Does the device produce radiations that could harm my baby?

The device connects to the normal WiFi you have at home. If you have a WiFi at home, that’s the same signal (actually, it’s weaker than the one you have already at home with your WiFi). The device does NOT produce any GSM / 3G / 4G / 5G … signal (like the one any mobile phone produces), which are actually thousands of times “stronger” than WiFi.

Can I keep the device, or do I need to give it back at some point?

No, you can NOT keep the device forever. The product is still under development phase, so we will need to recollect it at some point (see next question).

How long can I keep the device?

The testing phase will last a few months since you receive the device: usually we prefer to end it between the 3th and 4th month. Nevertheless, if you want, and find it useful, you will be able to keep the device until your baby is about 6 months old. Then, we’ll ask you to recollect the device.

Can I give it to someone else, if I don’t like it or if I don't need it anymore at some point?

No. The device is delivered to you, and exclusively for your use with your baby.

If at any point in time you don’t want to keep it, or use it anymore, please contact us and we’ll recollect the device. But you should NOT give it someone else.

What if I break it – for example it fell and break?

In that case, you should contact us. We will recollect the broken device. And we can then simply agree together whether it makes sense to send you a new one.

Do I have to pay something?

Of course not! You will NOT pay any cost – neither now nor never. Shipping costs (both for sending and picking up) will be totally charged on us. Only practical thing, we will need your collaboration for re-closing the packaging for the product, and providing it for the carrier that will collect it back when the time will come.

We’re actually happy and glad if you want to be part of the testing phase, as we’re really interested in hearing what you think about the technology.

How do you handle privacy and data protection?

Key topic!

Ahead of the (potential) confirmation that you’ll take part to the testing phase (and definitely before we ship the device), we’ll send you a “Terms and conditions” document. That document will clarify – according to GDPR – how data will be eventually captured, recorded, stored. And of course we won’t do anything different than what written in that document. To confirm: we do strictly follow GDPR directions in all its parts (indeed, a single mistake could mean closure, for us). I can already anticipate some key points anyway:

  1. We ONLY want to record baby’s cry SOUNDS. Unlike (for example) Alexa or similar, we are not interested nor capture conversations or talk. Any sound that does not contain a cry is not recorded, registered, or stored. We’re just interested in cries 😉
  2. At any point in time, you can ask us to receive all sounds we have from you. When you receive them, you can then listen to them. And you can also ask we delete everything if you wish so, and we’ll immediately do that. All this according to GDPR rules as well.

Are the sounds recorded and stored somewhere in a cloud? If so, in which country?

Data are stored in Amazon AWS cloud space. It’s standard & secure cloud storage provided by Amazon, used by most companies in the world. One of the reasons is of course: it’s highly secure. More specifically, data are “physically” stored across multiple devices spanning a minimum of three Availability Zones, each separated by miles across the same AWS Region, that in our case are 3 here in Europe: IrelandFrankfurt and Paris. You can visit this AWS page if you’re interest to know more about how their Data Center work.