Becoming a parent: the most beautiful – and scary – event in the lives of most people

Some were planning it for a long time; for others, it just happens, others decide to do it again. Becoming a parent is one of the most wonderful, yet at the same time frightening experiences of most people’s life.

Every day, new parents all around the world struggle to understand how to react to the most natural and instinctive form of communication of humankind: a baby’s cry.

A pure sound, clearly distinguishable, but unfortunately not so easily comprehensible by new parents. Indeed, the most widely spoken and least understood language in the world.

The lack of understanding between parents and babies and the constant fear shared by new parents who worry that they may not be able to take good care of their sweet creature – particularly in the first months and for the first child – create tension and stress for both the parents and the baby.

Newborns setting foot on our planet every day
time they cry on average per day
The basic needs they are communicating
Just ONE language for all babies - the same all across the world!
Newborns do talk!

Newborns cry on average between 2 and 3 hours per day, every day.

What most parents do not know is that cries have meaning.

Every baby has five basic needs, and each one of these has a rather distinctive crying sound pattern.

It’s a natural and instinctive language. It is also the only common language in the entire world; all babies express the same needs in the same way – regardless of gender, culture or nationality!


I’m hungry

I need to burp

I’m uncomfortable

I’m so sleepy

I’ve stomach pain

Here comes Baby Translator

The world’s first portable device translating newborn cries into babies needs

Created combining advanced tools and skills from the most recent developments in

Internet of Things
Big data
Artificial Intelligence

And adding on top:

a lot of passion

enough craziness
a little bit of magic
How does it works

Parents just need to keep Baby Translator nearby their baby

Baby Translator automatically detects baby cries, filtering any other sound

Whenever a cry is recognised, Baby Translator analyzes it in a few seconds

The cry is translated, and the feedback is shown on device screen


  • Modern design
  • Pocket size


  • Automated cries detection
  • Feedback within seconds
  • Wireless & fully portable


  • Deep learning model
  • Sound processing & recognition

Hands completely free for the baby

No need to activate: it’s all automated

Battery life = 1 full day

Mobile App Integration

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