MVP launched: BabyT is real!

We did it, and even with almost 2 week in advance on the scheduling!

The very first version of BabyT has come into operation the 23/02/2019. It performed the very first translation @17h:54m:02s: Dafne was really hungry!

The 2 BabyTs of Marina and Marc quickly followed Dafne’s one.

There was just time for a few moments of euphoria, then the devices begun producing what is expected of an MVP worthy of the name: errors and bugs!

No worries, this is exactly as it meant to be: we have introduced fixes step by step. After less then 2 weeks we have already a stable and quite working new release.

Thanks to the invaluable feedback of our families and above all the priceless contribution of ours babies, we are already improving our MVP day after day. And new families we will come soon!

Still a long road.. but the right one!